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Although not having a degree as of yet in Computer Technology or any of the "Associate of Applied Sciences" degree category, Jeffrey R. Kuntzelman has spent much of his life in the pursuit of computer technologies, electronics, math, science, and to an extent all of the above.  He graduated Bonanza high school in Las Vegas, NV on June 11, 1998, and has held tech support jobs for various companies including Logitech, Sony (SCEA for Playstation products), UPS, etc.

Jeffrey is a self taught computer technician with varying degrees of skill in programming, networking, computer repair, and computer installation including software, hardware, and firmware updating.  Most of these skills can be attributed to his late father, Randy Kuntzelman who guided him on many of his early adventures in computers, of which mostly involved gaming.  His father would later introduce him to spreadsheets, word document processing, and later database development and processing in the early 1990's.

He also trained Jeffrey on the use of the older MS-DOS systems, learning the various command line interface techniques, and later introducing Jeffrey to Windows 3.0 and up.  Since then, Jeffrey had taken an interest in how computers worked from the inside and out, and learning by researching the various parts, how they related to one another, and how to repair them if possible, replace if necessary.  Graduating to Windows 95 and then the World Wide Web (WWW or "The Internet), Jeffrey easily navigated both, and later learned the inner workings of the operating system, the files involved, the Windows registry mechanics, and the like.

During his occupations, Jeffrey surpassed his father by learning the various inner workings of newer operating systems, and continues to keep up-to-date on the latest technologies ranging from cell phone tech to devices like tablets and other technology inspired, in part, by Star Trek™ that can connect to laptops, desktops, etc.

Jeffrey did have brief experiences with Macintosh (MAC) Apple computers during a required high school course in computers.  This included further developing spreadsheets, word processing, and database management.  He was also introduced to CD-ROM technology including software installation and management with an Apple II MAC computer system which translated for Jeffrey easily to PC tech.

Currently, he is seeking to further his knowledge of computer technology through Red Rocks Community College in Lakewood, CO where he's currently working towards earning his Associates of Applied Sciences degree with focus on computer networking, programming, troubleshooting and repair, and IT security.